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What it is

Transactor is a general purpose transaction coordinator that implements a distributed consensus protocol.

Transactor can synchronize transactions between multiple redundant databases that run on different computers (nodes), possibly spread across the world and connected by the Internet.

Transactor does not offer database functionality itself. On top of a database, it can be used to implement a failsafe, redundant and distributed system that will continue to work even if some nodes experience failure.

The system will continue to work as long as a majority of nodes remains alive; a majority is more than half of all nodes, i.e. two out of three, or three out of five. After a network outage or hardware failure/replacement, a failed node can join the system through a recovery process.

There are no restrictions on the underlying database, since transactor does not interpret the transaction data in any way beyond safely storing it, communicating it to the peers and reaching a consensus on the next transaction. Therefore, while transactions are usually found in the realm of databases, transactor can be used in any situation where a distributed application must reach a consensus across all nodes.

Since transactor implements the basic service of transaction coordination, it needs to be used in conjunction with an application/database-specific server that operates the database.


Transactor is available for Microsoft® Windows®, Linux and Unix.
Transactor is Copyright © 2003, 2004 Claus Fischer.

Further Information

More operational details can be found in the manpages of transactor below.
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