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Selected projects

EIS (Austrian Mountain Rescue Service)

EIS (Einsatz-Informationssystem) is an integrated application for the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service that combines an Windows GUI Client for off-line and on-line operation, a replicated database with failsafe distributed central application servers, a Web gateway, and various subsystems to provide mail services and content management.

It is used to maintain and administrate the organization's data (information on staff, individual training and qualifications, and the material and equipment available) in a decentralized manner, and provide that information to the operations task force in the situation of search and rescue operations.

The application achieves a high degree of failsafeness, redundancy and decentralized operation, which is crucial to the needs of this organization.

Redundant Failsafe Internet Gateway

This is a solution that integrates the classic tasks of a corporate internet gateway (firewall, VPN, mail server, proxy server, name server, etc.).

The customer is a company with several subsidiaries worldwide. This project implements corporate Internet connectivity and VPN for all subsidiaries.

Using redundant pairs computers, we achieve protection against hardware failure. This allows to deploy the solution in subsidiaries around the world without requiring local system administration skills.

Special Purpose File Uploader

This is a small Windows GUI application that allows to upload local files to an application server over SSL connections. The application uses and verifies client and server side certificates, and allows the user to analyze files, upload to the server, and manipulate files on the server.

It is a self-contained, zero-administration client tailored for a special purpose application. It requires no additional DLL's, and no setup or handling skills by the user. Coded with WTL and OpenSSL.

Windows/Linux Client Server Application

This is a program for product cost calculation in sales.

The customer is an Austrian manufacturer of metal products. This program supports the internal calculation process.

The program is a client-server application with a Unix (Linux) server. The clients are Windows PC's, running an ActiveX Control (OCX) inside a web browser.